For a person who is not sentimental in the least, I will say that I am oddly brand-loyal.

Many guitars have come and gone over the years.... to an almost embarrassing extent. However, I have always had a Fender Deluxe (now called Ultras), and Godin/Seagull acoustics. Still do.

Faith, was my first real guitar.... she had a hundred gigs or so, and dozens of recordings.... (Grasshopper, 1992, were the first). A few years back, she needed another re-fret, but also the pickups were starting to degauss in a bad way (read fart out...) so I picked up Samara in the trade (named after the unique Samarium Cobalt pickups). Samara has outlasted at least 20 guitars herself.... although hasn't made it on too many recordings, yet.

Mos'A, a Seagull "Artist Series," is about 20 years old now.... While I consider myself an electric "lead" guitar player at heart; in actuality, you are what your resume says you are. This guitar has over 1,000 gigs on it. Take a minute with that.... One of things I like most about the guitar are the tone woods; cedar top, with mahogany sides, makes for a pleasant, even sound. When you do some of those 4-hour cover gigs, those mellower tone woods earn their keep. Also, during this run, Godin/Seagull really catered to players with bigger hands. It is still the most comfortable guitar I have ever played, at any price point. I didn't literally cry when they updated to new models and changed the neck ergonomics, (to cater to smaller hands....) but I thought about it. ;-)

.... on the flip side, it makes my particular guitar that much more awesome.

Grandi, is a Godin, multiac, nylon, acoustic-electric. Godin is a Canadian manufacturer that both pays homage to iconic guitars of the past, but also innovates. This particular series, a classical-style guitar aimed at live performance, really has no peer... I haven't gigged or recorded as heavily with her, but the thought of selling/trading her has never crossed my mind either.