Songwriter Series

"Punch It and Go," is a co-write with my friend Phil Madeira.  

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"The Good Wine," is a co-write with my friend Aly Tadros; which is available on her album:

Hungry Ghost.

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2013; I think that was the year.... the year where the only limitation to the "home" recording artist, was the artist themselves. "Punch it & Go," was written, recorded, mixed, mastered and released without an ounce of "resistance." Further, I didn't feel like I was making any compromises along the way. The interface wasn't going to have latency issues; Logic Pro could handle the whole project at a jog; my iMac was not going to crash (even once); Ozone was a better mastering tool, than I was mastering engineer.... 

Granted, people (including myself) have been making home recording(s) for decades... but, the technology industry had injected freeways where there used to be roadblocks.

Obviously, the modern recording industry was (& still is) a juggernaut - & it/they still make and package "fame and influence." However, sometime in the early 2010(s) it became utterly superfluous with regards to the actual music-making process.