BowersAMG (Arts & Media Group)


For my part, I have always enjoyed the entire music-making process. I enjoy the studio, as much as the stage, as well as practice time alone at home. However, I don’t live in a vacuum and enjoying helping anyone I can, whenever I can. I have also carried a pipe dream of establishing a music-forward arts community, that puts the artist's needs at the forefront, almost my whole adult life.... 

In 2012, there was a "failure to launch" dream/project attempt at one of the local wineries. The owner had approached me about a possible move to a new location and they had interest in a "proper" music venue. We had an arrangement that if they parceled me a small piece of land on the new property, I would launch a charity-forward music endeavor. 

(The one I had been white-boarding already)  

I’ll spare you the various details, maladies and misgivings….  But, the net result is that they didn’t secure the new property and the music concept couldn’t work on rented land. However, during the ramp-up some of the projects were begun; and some songs did get to market.

For this project I relegated myself to the engineering suite of duties

(Recording, Mixing, & Mastering).