Six-String Grasshopper

"Geetar-dork," at heart.

Oddly enough, I've recorded more guitar instrumentals over the years than any of my other projects....

However, the 6-String GH Series was hit the hardest with that bizarre storage unit flood - & the only reason these three cuts still exist, is that they were the oldest/first ones, & I still had the original "tape" mix-down.

(Which in itself is kinda cool, because they were recorded in 1992, at my guitar teacher's rehearsal space....) 

Not really sure what the lesson in all of that is; whether it's don't record instrumentals at all - Or, if you bother to record something, get it to market - don't let it sit on your shelf....

I'm fairly sure I will record more of these at some point, as I actually like guitar music the most, but I'm just not sure when per se. However, I will post them when I finish them, from now on. ;-)