Six-String Grasshopper

A few months back, I was doing some housecleaning and I stumbled across this old demo I made when I was in high school.  Back then I was really into guys like Stevie Ray, Jeff Healey, Clapton etc...  but, I was also deep into guitar instrumental music, everything from the classical guys to Frisell and Vai.  However, I was cautioned by everyone who knew anything about the music business to steer clear of that professionally.  It was hard enough making money in music doing commercial pop - instrumental music was the kiss of death.... especially for someone like me who came to music pretty late compared to most players.

When I stumbled on the demo, I was reminded of not only how much I loved the genre, but I was also reminded how much I miss the meditative reward of practicing.  Now, that I am older and free of commercial considerations I am going to dive back in.  The reason I have started naming them Etude(s) is that I am likely going to pick a cool technique and give chase...  traditionally, an Etude was a composition for others to practice that had musical merit.  For me, I am calling them Etudes because it is what I am working on or studying.  Hence the "Grasshopper" title, forever the student....

Etude I (Buca's Blues) - - Etude II (Lost Funk) - - Etude III (Empty the Clip)