Godin and Seagull Guitars - I have owned many of these guitars over the years, luv 'em and endorse 'em.  I have owned many over they years but these are the ones that get the most woodsheddin'

Seagull Artist Cedar CW- They don't make the exact one I play anymore, but this guitar is quite similar.  Essentially, it is a steel string guitar but with classical guitar tone woods.  This makes for a very smooth, mellow sound.  Mine has well over 1,000+ gigs on it and it is still going strong. 

Multiac Grand Concert Duet Ambience - If you play nylon string guitars live, there really is no other choice.  One of the few guitars on the market with a (true) classical-sized neck that is designed for stage use.  I.e. no sound hole eliminates feedback and there are several onboard re-voicing options.

Passion Series - I am having two hybrid RG series made for the "Live Looping" series.  These are phenomenal instruments...  Chambered body, ergo cut neck, H.D. revoicer and multiple outputs...  check out the video!  (lower right corner).